BlackBerry Motion Introduction

  As BlackBerry continues to release BlackBerry hardware, the company is slowly reestablishing itself in the smartphone industry. Even in the beginning of 2018, we still encounter a large number of people who don’t know that BlackBerry is relevant again.   We can’t blame them… Read More

How to avoid from cyber-security in new era.

  In the era of technology, a new year brings many new gadgets — and new worries about cybersecurity due to more and more security breaches are revealed.   The current scare, called Spectre or Meltdown, involves vulnerabilities to processing chips that date back to… Read More

Samsung introduced a 360 degree screen laptop

South Korean company Samsung introduced a laptop with 360 degree touch screen and fingerprint sensors for the first time. Samsung did not use both of these features on any of its laptops before. Samsung used fingerprint sensors in mobiles for the first time in 2017,… Read More

Apple apologized to slow down the old iPhone

  Islamabad (Monitoring Desk) Apple company was admitted previous week that they slow down their old iPhones intentionally. So that their battry life could be increased. Apple had apologized for slowing down their old iPhones due to severe reaction of people.   People rejected company’s… Read More

Facebook left behind whatsapp and skype

  After the significant increase in the Facebook services, be ready to be more surprised now that the number of Facebook video chats this year has exceeded 17 billion, which is doubled compared to the year 2016. On the end of year data calculation shows,… Read More

Popular smartphones of the year 2017

  Year 2017 is going to be over after some days. This year, with other fields, new and better things were introduced in the world of technology as well as modern technology-equipped smartphones have revolutionized. The number of consumers using worldwide smartphone is in billions.… Read More