Samsung Galaxy grand prime plus camera review

Samsung galaxy grand prime plus trusty LED flash and 5 MP front and 8 MP Rear Camera capture you in your best light, even in dark conditions. And with Quick Launch, you get instant camera access by simply double tapping the home button, even from Sleep Mode. By using it we can take pictures of fast moving subjects. Also we can use it in various modes, which are listed below
1) Auto
Auto mode take the best possible pictures by setting the device to adjust the exposure and colors of pictures automatically. We just need to set focus for a specific point. And also we can adjust skin tone to make picture more clear. In this mode device sets everything by itself.
2) Pro
In pro mode we need to set ISO sensitivity, exposure value and white balance manually while taking pictures. You can adjust things to get more clear pictures. It is helpful to get pictures of own desire.



3) Panorama
In panorama mode we can take consecutive pictures in either horizontal or vertical direction. You just need to press the camera button and move device in any direction to get panorama pictures. It is used to cover long range.



4) Continuous Shot
In this mode we can get any number of pictures at a time by tapping and holding the camera button. It’s a particularly useful mode for taking shots of any situation where there is movement. This mode is used to take multiple pictures without pressing camera button again and again. Just hold on camera button and capture any number of moments.


5) Night
Take brighter and clearer pictures in low light without flash. Without flash you can take brighter pictures by using night mode. In this mode without flash light we can still get clear pictures especially in night.



6) Sports
This mode is used to take pictures of fast moving objects. You can take clear pictures of moving subjects.



7) HDR (Rich Tone)
Take multiple shots in various exposures and combine them to create soft and rich colors. This modes gives the best result by combining multiple shots.



8) Sound & Shot
If you want to add some sound in your pictures, then you can use this mode. This mode enrich your pictures by adding a few seconds of background sound.


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