Samsung introduced a 360 degree screen laptop

South Korean company Samsung introduced a laptop with 360 degree touch screen and fingerprint sensors for the first time. Samsung did not use both of these features on any of its laptops before. Samsung used fingerprint sensors in mobiles for the first time in 2017, however company plans to introduce mobiles with latest finger sensors including Face ID this year. It is believed that Samsung will introduce Galaxy S9 phones this year, in which
Apple’s iPhone-like face-recognition technology will also be, while it will have more interesting features.
However, Samsung started the 2018 with the introduction of unexpected laptops, and the company introduced the Multi Functional ‘Notebook 7 Spin’. The specialty of ‘Notebook 7 Spin’ is that its touch screen has 360 degree temprature, and this feature is being introduced for the first time in any laptop screen.
Samsung’s ‘Best’ Phone ‘Notebook 7 Spin’ feature is also a feature of fingerprint sensor, using the user to secure its most sensitive data by connecting to a company’s highly security data center. It will be able to make a VGA camera with a 43 WH battery, as it has a number of USB ports. The first glimpse of Galaxy S 9’s ‘Notebook 7 Spin’ screen is larger than 15 inches, intel’s processor core 7 has been given in this laptop with a 16GB RIM. Samsung will present this laptop next week in the ‘The International Consumer Electronic Show (CES)’, in Las Vegas. The price of Samsung’s tremendous and unique feature laptops is 1199 US Dollar, which make Pakistani rupees more than one lakh 10 thousand.

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