Apple apologized to slow down the old iPhone


Islamabad (Monitoring Desk) Apple company was admitted previous week that they slow down their old iPhones intentionally. So that their battry life could be increased. Apple had apologized for slowing down their old iPhones due to severe reaction of people.


People rejected company’s accused and blaimed that the purpose behind this action is to compel people to purchase new iphone. After Apple’s case It was also believed that other companies would also slow down their mobile phones intentionally. However keeping the concerns of mobile users, the South Korean company ‘Sam Sang’ and ‘LG’ have said in their descriptive statement that they do not work like Apple’s policy. In the email sent to technology broadcasting department¬†,LG and Samsung have clarified that they do not slow down their phones.


LG Electronics said in its short statement that he does not slow down any of his old smartphones, and the company estimates what their customers expect from them. Samsung has confirmed too in his descriptive email that he does not slow down any of his old Smart android or other phones.

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