To avoid court’s summons Apple has apologized to users


New York (Monitoring Desk) After coming to the Company’s realistic scene, the company apologized to consumers for intentionally slowing down the old iPhone to avoid the court summons. Apple company was picked up by angry consumers to file $ 1000 billion after filing a trial. The Apple Company has announced that they will take steps to improve the old iPhone, as well as release software in 2018 so that users can monitor their phone’s battery health.


Cheating case was registered on the Apple company. that Apple was forcing consumers to buy new phones by limiting the old iPhone performance by cheating. And in this case Apple has charged about 1 trillion dollars. The Apple iPhone’s battery life slows down its processor slowly, which does not turn off the phone even on low battery but its performance is too high. Is affected In view of this, nine cases were registered on the appeal company. Therefore, the Apple Company has not only requested consumers to apologize for the complaints of consumers, but has also announced solutions to the problems facing old iPhone phones.



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