Facebook left behind whatsapp and skype


After the significant increase in the Facebook services, be ready to be more surprised now that the number of Facebook video chats this year has exceeded 17 billion, which is doubled compared to the year 2016. On the end of year data calculation shows, more than 17 billion calls were made on the chat app, then the Facebook Video Call app left behind, Whats app and Skype and used more than 17 billion people in 2017.


It is clear that Microsoft did not reveal Skype statistics nor Apple has given the number of consumed videos on Face Time, because the Facebook’s claim can not be compared to other platforms, but it is a good progress in the number of Facebook videos in one year. The researchers have said that the phone also presses the video chat button in error, with a video call, despite these calls, it still holds 17 billion digits.


Facebook has described other ways of expressing its platform, saying that its 500 billion animations were shared in which apart from the use of small cartoon amusements that expressed joy, sorrow and anger, Facebook users Has shared 18 billion jif and animated images.

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