Battery discharging is over now. An invention of new battery, that can be charged in seconds


A team of researchers from Jiang University have developed a new type of Aluminium-Graphine’s battery that can be charged in seconds instead of hours, led by Professor Gao Chao of polymer science and engineering department of Jiang University, this team has developed a new battery bu using Graphine films as Anode and metallic aluminium as Cathode.

Using a battery, this battery can work well after the quarter million of the cycle and can be charged in a few seconds. The experiments are detected this battery maintains 91% of its original capacity after 25,000 recharge, so it has broken all the previous batteries regarding the Circle Life. According to Guao, this battery in full charge mode fully charged in 1.1 seconds.

It may be possible, the details of this investigation have been mentioned in a recent article published in the Science Advance journal, a manufactured battery works well in negative 40 to 120-degree silicone temperature, it can be repeated. And it does not burst in front of the fire .Gao said that making this type of battery is still expensive, Battery Production on industrial scale known to be possible if we are able to get cheap electrolytes.

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