Delivery of medicines through drones in China


Beijing (Monitoring Desk) For the first time in China, drone technology is being used for delivery of medicines. Due to lack of facilities in a remote area “Sichuan province” of china​, peoples have to face many problems, including the problem of going to school daily for children was the most important thing.


However chines Govt had provided steel stairs last year to go to school for the children, due to which this problem was resolved. But even after stairs in the mountainous villages, there was a problem still, If any villager have to bring some medicines or everyday things to the city, it passes 6 to 8 hours for this reason.


That’s why China’s local government and e-commerce company JD has introduced drone technology with joint efforts, for drugs supply this year. With the help of drones, medicines are available in villages within 10 minutes and the problem of going to people has come to an end.

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