OPPO introduced the new smartphone F5 6B

The leader Oppo (OPPO) has introduced its new F5 6B (F5-SIX GB) smartphone in the smartphone and cellular sector’s sector. Oppo introduced F5 Smartphone earlier. OPPO (F5-SIX GB) is the first smartphone in this sector, which offers Oppo fans and youth the opportunity to choose their needs in Black and Red Edition at Rs 39,899. Opposition is one of the most fashionable fashion innovations in Pakistan and most of the most stylish phone brands and it is appreciated by youth around the country.
On the occasion of introduction of this new smartphone, Oppo, Pakistan’s CEO George Lang said, “We are always working hard to work with the work hard.” Oppo is a smartphone industry in a stable manner. People think that innovation changes, but we have never seen it like this. We believe that innovation improves things. Oppo’s F5-SIX GB is a revolutionary with AI-Bot technology. The cell phone is a compatible phone.”
Oppo’s F5-SIX GB features large storage capabilities with high-quality GS-ROM Plus 64 GB and Black and Red colors. With a wide range of storage, consumers will have the opportunity to use it fluently and will make sure you are fashionable with the stylish and fashionable red color.
This smartphone includes basic technology that is designed to make the cell phone image beautiful. Within more than 200 faces identified in this smartphone, it helps in understanding the face, shape and structure of the human database in the face of human faces. With its help, the F5 smartphone can identify many aspects of the face, including skin color, size, gender, age, many aspects. This smartphone features a 18-inch FHD plus full screen display with 18: 9 rays and offers clear and colorful scenes with a composite style and extremely limited frame. This is the first time when a middle-class smartphone has a full screen screen display with so clear and colorful scenes.

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